Emerging Tech in Medicine

In recent months a number of articles have appeared across the web spruiking the potential for emerging technology to advance the field of medicine. An article was recently published indicating that brain matter can now be grown in a laboratory may be able to trace the origins of certain diseases such as mental health and dementia. If these speculations come to fruition it will have an enormous impact on the way certain diseases are treated or diagnosed.

A present, research and technological advancements in medicine seem to be occurring weekly. A quick search displays topics such as male contraception, artificial uterus, cryonics Stem cell treatments and nanosensors. LifescienceIntelligence.com lists an extensive number of current organisations and businesses currently developing emerging medical technology.

Unfortunately, legislation in a number of countries has not yet caught up with the technological advancements in medicine. For example, Stem cell research is still being debated. The main point of controversy is the method for harvesting stem cells which is primarily taken from a placenta or from the inner cells of a embryo. Despite the controversy, the discoveries through the research cannot be disputed. An article was published the past 24hrs stating that arthritis could be cured as researchers are utilising stem cells to grow new cartilage.


The field of medicine is set for exciting discoveries. The foundation that stem cell research is setting will allow future emerging technology and advancements to have a far easier path to acceptance. The hope is that humans will be able to live longer and fuller lives with the aide of medical advancements currently in development. Emerging medical technologies is an intriguing and in-depth subject, which cannot be covering entirely in one blog. However, FourFront Reviews takes a keen interest in Emerging medical technology due to the profound implication on our existence and will bring readers breakthroughs and updates on emerging medical technologies in the future.