Do we have enough energy to become green?

I was trawling through YouTube in search for new technology to review when I came across an interesting short video by GreentechMedia titled “Rewired: How electric vehicles could make or break the power grid. The premise suggested that as society slowly drifts towards large scale electric vehicle usage, electricity providers may struggle to meet demand with the current infrastructure as people arrive home from work and charge their vehicles. It wasn’t anything I had thought of before so I started to thinking and researching a bit more. Now first and foremost, I’m not an expert in this subject nor have I studied it.

This really brings into question, where are we heading in terms of a renewable, large scale energy source or sources once our non-renewable’s have been exhausted. Can we call ourselves `green´ if we need non-renewable`s to help us get there, will our generation be `green´ or will it be the next or further. Are we waiting around for the physicists to find the solution to develop cold fusion and have endless energy or should every structure that  faces the sun have a photovoltaic panel on it. There are many questions and I wish I had the answers but I don´t think any one person can solve this. There are however many people and organisation’s doing their best, some of which have featured in previous blogs.

Please don’t think I’m completely against non-renewables and only for green solutions, I’m pragmatic and merely asking the question. So do we have enough energy to become green, I think so, as long as we accept that we need non-renewables to get us there. At this point in time energy its like an early generation Toyota Prius, a hybrid of both renewable and non renewable energies. The greener technologies can quite go it alone just yet.

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