Welcome to FourFront Reviews

Hello and welcome to the Official FourFront Reviews blog. The FourFront Reviews mantra is clear, ‘knowledge is power’. Understanding technology can be a bit overwhelming considering the numerous types of technology currently being discussed.

FFR wants to make things simple. There are two main focuses and two sub topics the first main topic is emerging technology. This will focus on what is being discussed, theorised, conceptualised and developed. Second main topic is green technology but this won’t just be about who can fly a solar-powered plane the furthest. FFR also brings you technology for the greater good, to discuss tech that hopefully enhances the way people live and thrive, how technology is used to better the way impoverished or developing nations or people are able to cope and survive in their environment. Lastly, Tech worth knowing about. These are the four topics of FFR.  Graphene has been chosen as the image for FFR as it represents the development of new materials that can greatly enhance our lives.


We live in a time when technology matters, our mission is to provide the knowledge. FFR is also on Twitter, Google+ and Flipboard. We hope you enjoy the articles and blogs that are posted. Please feel free to comment or email on any blog or article that is posted. If you have an idea for a blog or wish to write a blog for FFR feel free to email FFR to discuss your idea. Enjoy.

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