How will we use Smart Clothing

You’re walking to walk along a busy street filled with people going about their day. There’s a chill in the air, its winter. All of a sudden you feel your neck warming, the warm feeling flows throughout your torso and the chill seems to disappear as you reach the office. Welcome to Smart clothing. It was recently announced that Microsoft has developed a prototype smart scarf that can warm up or vibrate once paired with a smart phone to provide the commands. These are the ideas and concepts that continually place Microsoft at the forefront of tech development, but what will the real world applications be.

Image credit to John Hofilena

Image credit to John Hofilena

Smart clothing is not a new concept, the web is full of articles about smart clothing, smart fibres in clothing and we don’t need to discuss wearable’s. The idea that clothing could heat and cool a person depending on the body temperature or current environmental conditions could have an enormous impact on the homeless, needy or developing nations and communities. Self cleaning smart clothes with inbuilt heart rate, blood sugar and hydration sensors would be perfect for anyone’s needs not only the elderly. Clothing comprised of nano fibre’s that can stiffen instantaneously to the point that it becomes slash or stab proof or minimises the impact of small calibre firearms. There is no telling in which direction or what the capability of smart clothing will be. All we know at the moment is that it’s real and it’s possible.

Smart clothing applications and concepts will become clearer in time but the exciting thing is, is that it’s here and the possibilities are endless. The ability to improve and enhance the lives of many people through Smart clothing is an exciting prospect. Perhaps in the near future we won’t be wearing clothing with the Nike tick or the 3 distinct stripes of Adidas but clothing with the Google, Microsoft and Apple symbols.

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